Yarrr welcome to Pirate Island ye scurvy dog!

A hearty 'thank ye' ter Redland City Council for help'n us with Insurance ter keep you dogs cover'd

With Flinders Day over for another year, Pirates still need to get together to practice their scullduggery and sword skills! 


Pirate Island will be back on Sunday 17th September 2017!

Who:    All kids are welcome, but would suit ages 4-12 best.

There be a limited number of children, so remember to register.

What:    Pirate Island is a pirate themed day of kids activities, games, role playing and a treasure hunt.

Coochie locals will be playing the parts of the pirates and holding the games.

Where:    Come off the jetty, go right through the market and find the Registration Tent.

Check out the map here.

When:    Sunday the 17th September 2017.
10:15 am start
Bring $5.00 each way in silver fer the Ferry fer Mum and Dad, half price fer kids - leaves on the hour and half hour.

Please register to attend Pirate Island. We need to ensure there is enough loot for every scurvy dog!

If ye have any more questions contact Pirate Islands buccaneer eere

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Do ye follow Gunpowder Gertie??

Or do the Calico Kate swab your deck?